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Family photos

Usal Story
Family photos
Usal Photos
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Sarah Jane Crispin-Campbell-Thomas

These are my Grandparents

William Isaac Thomas




Joan Verona-Coyne & Mary Campbell-Gertz

Joan and Mary in the backyard

Grandma's house and garden

Grandma's house with the old store in the distance.

Grandma Jen and her trusty 22

This is Usal's Public Pay Phone


Clovis and Gladys Campbell and their mother Sarah Jane Thomas

The children are Dolores, Billy and Ted Campbell with their Dad Clovis Campbell on the right.

This was taken in front of the shearing shed the little girl in the picture is Gloria Morley

Grandpa Bill and his fishing horse Dickie pulling the fish sled.

Teddy, Dolores, Gloria and Billy

Milton House


Gloria Morley, Teddy, Billy and Dolores Campbell---1933





Billy, Teddy and Clovis Campbell.  Also notice the bears on the wheelbarrow.

Teddy and Grandma Jen feed the ducks.

Grandma Jen and her pet raccoons.

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